Reading Response

In IDP 116, Reading Response by Diandra Dillon

My expectations for this week is to gain a deeper understanding of the Design thinking process, work through the group project while going using the DT process repeatedly to create something that may be usable to the user. The transcript example presented in the reading demonstrated how design thinking could develop possible solutions for a woman who would be stigmatized without it. Design thinking is the ability to tackle both simple and complex (wicked) problems by going through the five stages design thinking process, empathize, define, ideate, prototype, and test. By going through these steps, the designer will be able to produce a product that is user-friendly and address the core issue that the user faced initially. Design thinking might lead to philosophical and practical questions about the social change, the human condition, etc. because it is an open approach. Design thinking tears down the barriers and the constraints for what we were thought to be possible or impossible. It gives us the ability to imagine a world in which everything we see, can be designed. Even if it is not within our current scope of possibilities, design thinking gives us the ability to see it by prototyping.