Tsewang Chuskit – IDP 116 Response #1

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I never believed that I am a creative person or that my critical thinking skills are high. The education system in India, (where I studied until 11th grade), emphasizes and rewards memorization and cramming, not sharing opinions or encouraging someone to be creative. But through the work, projects, and opportunities I have had while studying in the US up to now, I now realize that my creativity is far better than what I previously believed. This week I expect to learn how to develop my creative thinking skills and to think more broadly, and at the end, I want to have enough inner-confidence in me to believe that, “I am somewhat creative.”.

In my opinion, design-thinking is the ability of someone to think with an open mind or in a broader way and think through the perspectives of others. Design-thinking can lead to philosophical and practical questions about creativity, productivity, social change, progress and the human condition through turning the creative thinking into a prototype and how well that prototype is helping people to make their life better, convenient and resourceful.