Response/ Reflection II

In IDP 116, Reading Response by Diandra Dillon

This class has further developed my understanding of the design thinking process. I have learned that it is essential to bounce ideas off your teammates to come up with well-rounded solutions. The prototyping phase of this project served as a medium to spark more ideas while identifying the pros and cons of the different aspects. This project can extend beyond the scope of this class because most aspects of life is from trial or error. The lessons learned in DT is applicable in real-world scenarios because as time and the prototypes progress, it will improve. Progress based off of different iterations is one of the significant lessons from this class. I have been through the design thinking numerous times and each time I manage to learn something new. This time, the emphasis on the human-centered aspect of the DT process or the insight portion created the most impact on my learning. My perspective has changed in the sense that I now think of ways to frame ideas, proposals or projects that will pull my audience in to empathize with the user and their needs instead of the object itself.