Phoebe Little Reading Response 2

In IDP 116, Reading Response, Reflections - IDP 116-16 by Phoebe Little

Engaging with the design thinking process this week has helped me appreciate the value of brainstorming. I think in the past when I’ve completed creative projects I’ve often run with the first idea I think of. I hope in the future I will spend more time in the ideate phase of the project and will bring pieces of the design thinking process into a wider variety of my work. Though we’ve been focussing on prototyping this week I can see the process being applicable to my paper writing.

I’ve also really enjoyed working with my team this week. I generally dislike group projects because they often result in an uneven share of work and a messy final product. However, I think the design thinking process’ emphasis on communication and brainstorming helped us work as a very effective team. We had well-defined roles within the team and we communicated a lot which allowed us to manage our time effectively and share the work evenly. I was sad to see this group project end, I’m not sure I’ve ever felt that way about any other group project I’ve worked on! I hope my future brings much more laser cutting and prototyping with Tsewan and Monica.