For the next 10 minutes your ideas should cost $1million to implement

The next 10 ideas should be culturally insensitive.

All your next ideas must involve a rechargeable component

Come up with solutions that can only be used two feet above the ground

Pretend the budget for the project is $20 – Your ideas can not exceed this budget in cost.

Find solutions that are intuitive for novices, and counter-intuitive for experts

Your solutions must involve music or song

Come up with ideas that use FOOD

One word: Minimalist

Your next ideas should work during an earthquake

Your next ideas should be mobile

For the next 10 minutes all of your solutions should work under water

Your next solutions should be green

Spend the next 10 minutes discussing only terrible ideas

Make a moodboard. A mood board is a random collection of images, words, and textures focused on one topic, theme, or idea. Paste them together in a 5X5 grid.

Once you’re done, stare at the board and blurt out any and all ideas that come to mind.

Come up with ideas fitting of a mastermind supervillain

Use this Moodboard for Inspiration

Use this Moodboard for inspiration
Monster Mood Board

Grab 1 object from the prototyping cart and use its color, shape, texture to inspire your next 5 ideas

There’s an art to brainstorming. It involves giving yourself constraints or curveballs. Constraints are counter-intuitively useful for generating more ideas. When we are trying to come up with good ideas, we all tend to rely on what has worked in the past. Constraints help us to break those patterns and to explore unfamiliar territory. Constraints are also useful for getting out of the habit of filtering our own thoughts. Stop censoring what you say to your teammates because it’ll sound silly or because it isn’t efficient. The process of filtering or selecting ideas for criteria such as cost, efficiency, feasibility, likeability should not be confused with brainstorming. Now is the time for getting all the ideas out – the good, the bad, the ugly, the wild, the unlikely.

Use the constraints generator for prompts that will help you get unstuck.